Casanova – Hotel Free for Android devices appears to be one of the most popular representatives of the genre of erotic quest on a mobile platform. However, you need to do something to count on more than just their pleasant smile.

The given game offers you just two game modes. In the first mode, you are expected to follow the storyline and try to gain either the heart or the body of the chosen beauty. In another mode, you have to turn off the brain and rely on your intuition. So go ahead.

This night is going to be extremely hot and passionate.

Key features of Casanova – Hotel Free

If you decide to opt for Casanova – Hotel Free, you can count on the following features:

  1. A vivid and absorbing storyline, with a variety of intriguing branches;
  2. Various mini-games, as the key to a good ending;
  3. Ambiguous dialogues with piquant consequences;
  4. Great graphics, made in the style of anime;
  5. Multilingual translation suiting most international users.