ARTEMIS / V.0.4.1A

Year of release: 2021 Censored: No censorship Platform: PC/Windows Edition Type: In Development Keyboard: Not required Version: v.0.4.1a Game Language: English Interface Language:English Description: You were on your way to living the lush life as a gifted software engineer, working for the most prestigious tech giant, until the last person you thought would betray you

MASTERS OF RAANA / V.0.8.1 (Tier2+) 

Year of release: 2021 Censored: No Platform: PC/Windows/MacOS/Linux Edition Type: In Development Patch: Not required English Language: English Interface Language: English Description: The city of Icaanos is an abandoned colony on the densely forested planet of Raana. After its sudden separation from Earth, Ikaanos became a cauldron of despair and violence, leaving nearly half of