Perhaps, you adore the combination of erotic and mysterious adventures. In this regard, Curse of Kreklevaniya 2 will meet your expectations. A girl remains a woman even having become a lizard. It’s high time to explore her.

Have a good time with a sexy lizard!

We find ourselves in an old castle literally stuffed with dangers and secrets. This time, the curse of Kreklevaniya hit a girl. As a result, the latter turned into an anthropomorphic lizard. Nevertheless, being a lizard, the girl managed to remain her female essence. The main character is expected to dispel the spell cast on her. Of course, you are expected to help her to make this come true.


Use the following keys to control your character:

  • Movement – arrows
  • To sit down – down arrow
  • To beat with a chain – “A”, you can also hold down the key to inflict a circular blow to the enemy
  • Throw a boomerang – D
  • Jump – S, you can jump, and when in the air press S again to jump higher
  • Space – to view the map and the heroine’s inventory