Well, Space paws should be regarded as a futuristic example of interactive computer sex, which turns a typical sexual intercourse scenario upside down. It’s a well-built hentai adult game you are bound to get familiar with because it will greatly excite you.

The game starts with a black screen and some kind of confusing narrative. You might have already seen this a million times before. Where I am? Who am I?

Then we have an unexpected turn. We see a girl. She wakes up, lets you pick a name for her and explains something. So, you are expected to find planets suitable for human life. Just like Adam and Eve, you are going to be among couples of men and women chosen to inhabit those planets. You have to give a good fuck all those chicks since your mission to give birth to as many people as possible to inhabit the new planets.

The first planet you’ll be sent to will be inhabited by cat people. As you know, cats were adored in ancient Egypt and visual generally drop a hint at that country and the historic period. The impression is backed by the corresponding soundtrack.

Your hero, Dickmaster will have a lot of fun fucking cute cat-babes. You will have a strange feeling of having sex with animals but you will 100% enjoy staying in the company of horny cat-chicks.