You are welcome to Midgardia. It’s a magical land created by the moon goddess Mani and inhabited exclusively by women. Along with Mani, another goddess named Night Lady Knox rules the whole kingdom. They strive to preserve the peace and harmony of the kingdom. That’s only part of the description that will greet you from the main page of this adult game. After you scroll down, you will see a lot of chicks demonstrating their boobs and a video trailer. Don’t neglect this trailer because it will immediately give you an idea of ​​what is happening inside the game. You are eager to learn the very essence of this sex stuff, aren’t you?

The game has amazing graphics. The developer has done a good job to delight you with the best sex game. It’s so nice to taste it. The guys who make the visual part of the game are really talented, while the functionality is completely alien.

You can access the game from your PC or Android smartphone. Perhaps later they will come up with an application for iOS. Nowadays, many people have an iPhone, and most likely they will want to play Sacred Sword Princess on their gadgets. You can play it while your wife is sleeping.